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Patient Testimonials

  • Thank you Dr Maegan! You have been amazing with my son after his tongue-tie release. He enjoys seeing you and loves his adjustments!

    - Beau P.
  • Great office! Really highly recommend- they really listen to you make you feel better inside and out!

    - Sherri F.
  • Thank you for helping me!

    - Kayleigh R.
  • Dr. Istok explains things very well in layman’s terms that I can understand. She is very kind and not intimidating at all. I feel comfortable talking to her and expressing what I want and am feeling.

    - Kelsey O.
  • I Love Dr Megan and her team. Recommend highly.

    - Troy G.
  • Very pleasant experience. Very confident the Dr. can solve my back issues.

    - Bob B.
  • I found relief after just my initial visit. There was a release of tension and pain. Thank you, Dr. Maegan!

    - Brianne L.
  • I really liked the follow-up text asking how I was, I’d never had this before and truly felt cared about.

    - Mary C.
  • I am beyond excited for my journey with Dr. Maegan she has but nothing but amazing on each one of my visits. Happy to have finally found someone that can genuinely help me.

    - Diana C.
  • Really appreciate all your guys’ help!

    - Daniel G.
  • Dr Megan is so kind.

    - Karina S.
  • I love how family-friendly you are and so sweet and caring! I knew my newborn was in good hands.

    - Zoey M.
  • Probably the best chiropractor I have ever seen.

    - Heather F.
  • Every time I come here I’m instantly put into a good mood no matter how much pain I’m in before the appointment! I really feel like after years of pain Dr. Maegan is truly helping where other doctors have only prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. I would recommend this place to everyone

    - Grace M.
  • Very pleased and already starting to feel better.

    - Rebecca M.
  • Dr. Maegan and her staff (and office) are amazing. Loving the experience there!

    - Sebastian D.
  • Best chiropractor I’ve seen in the valley.

    - Cameron S.
  • Absolutely appreciate Meaghan & the rest of her staff!

    - Tesia B.
  • Dr Istok is so kind and smart. She truly understands her practice and how to use it to help others feel their best!

    - Owen Z.
  • The whole experience has been wonderful! I can’t thank everyone there enough, especially Dr. Meagan. She has helped my daughter tremendously.

    - Amelia W.
  • We have been going since my baby was 2 weeks old. I always notice a difference in her when we don’t go! Much fussier and sleeps not as well. I highly recommended this place

    - Codi M.
  • Dr Megan is very kind, easygoing and gentle!

    - Jill B.

Dr. Olivia is Fantastic!

Dr. Olivia is fantastic! She was always so friendly and helpful, and we saw great results in our baby as a result of her treatment and recommendations. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for infant chiropractic care.

˜Olivia C.


Dr. Olivia was so so amazing! She’s not just a business, get-in-get-out type— she actually cares about my life and asks questions and gives helpful advice! She’s so amazing, I feel like I’m paying to be friends with her (LOL), but it’s so worth it and she does an amazing job as a chiropractor on my pregnant body.

˜Victoria B.

She Explained Everything in Detail

I saw one other chiropractor before but my first visit with Dr. Maegan was so different. She explained EVERYTHING in detail and made me feel so much more comfortable about prenatal chiropractic care than I felt with my previous chiropractor. She even opened my eyes to the benefits of bringing my newborn in. I’m so happy I found Get Well Be Well!

˜Brittny N.

Amazing Experience

Absolutely amazing experience. Office staff is so quick to respond and very accommodating. I felt so much better after one visit with Dr. Maegan and I appreciated the at-home techniques she shared with me as well. I always look forward to my appointments!

˜MacKenna F.

So Professional and Kind

Dr. Maegan so professional and kind. She really listened to my concerns and didn’t rush the appointment or any of the others that I’ve seen her for. My body feels out of yack at times and she knows how to adjust me to feel great again. I’ll be back for sure for all my chiropractic needs.

˜Echo F.

Dr. Istok is Fantastic

Dr. Istok is fantastic. She is incredibly attentive, warm, patient, asks many (pertinent) questions, and takes time to answer yours. She also provides helpful tips for at-home exercises and helpful resources. For parents of colicky babies who are scared to make appointments only to have to reschedule because the baby is crying, Dr. Istok works with the baby even if they are fussy and only want to be held by mama during the appointment. She worked magic on my son’s torticollis. The office has a nursery and play area, and they have diapers and wet wipes in case you forget yours! I only wish I would have found and gone to her sooner for my infant son and myself.

˜Luka M.

I am Extremely Grateful

I found out about Dr. Maegan through a list of providers my midwife suggested for me. Dr. Meagan was the only chiropractor on the list that accepted insurance. Dr. Maegan treated me consistently throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. She used gentle techniques and made sure my comfort and safety were a priority. She listened to me and was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed. Postpartum, Dr. Meagan adjusted my newborn. When I was experiencing issues with breastfeeding, she was the one who initially suggested, based on her assessment of my son, that he may have a tongue tie and suggested I see a lactation consultant. She was correct, my son had a severe tongue and lip tie. I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Maegan and Get Well Be Well. Both Dr. Maegan and Jeanette (Office Manager) are personable & helpful. I will continue to see Dr. Maegan and would recommend Get Well Be Well to any mom or soon to be mom in the East Valley considering chiropractic care for themselves or their child!

˜Levi L.

Can’t Wait for my Next Appointment

Dr. Maegan Istok was very attentive to my physical and emotional sharing. She was interested and immediately planning a program for me, and I left feeling like “I” had an ‘angel’ to see me thru my problems! Finally, someone to hear me, and someone on my side, can’t wait for my special journey to continue! Absolutely loved how the activator felt on my messed up bones, deep, penetrating, and a feeling of relief, everyone needs an activator session, feels great! Can’t wait for my next appointment!

˜Tannis L.

Caring and Considerate

One of the most caring and considerate chiropractors I have been to. The back problems I had were immediately identified and quickly taken care of. Although my initial condition has been taken care of, I’m continuing to visit regularly for ‘maintenance’ adjustments. Thank you so much, Dr. Meagan and staff, for all you do.

˜Peter D.

Gentle and Empowering

We were nervous to bring our newborn to see Dr. Megan. She explained chiropractic care and the care our baby would receive. Every appointment has been prompt, gentle and empowering. The baby is sleeping better at night and moving better in general. We would highly recommend her and chiropractic care.

˜Jennifer M.

So Happy

So happy that I found you guys! I’m being seen in my third trimester of pregnancy. As a woman, it’s just nice to have other women who know what you’re going through and are trained in working with pregnancy to help you through the process!

˜Leilani D.

I Was Back Jogging and Enjoying My Pregnancy

Dr. Maegan is simply amazing! She listens and addresses concerns with the best bedside manner. Within a few adjustments, I was back jogging and enjoying my pregnancy free of pelvic pain and discomfort. I look forward to continuing my care with her.

˜Miranda B.

Great Work

Great work. I appreciate her help and her explanations to help me understand my body and healing more. She definitely makes me feel like I understand my body and how she is helping me. I appreciate both of them in the office! Especially when I need to reschedule or get in quick for an emergency appointment they are so accommodating and kind.

˜Jacquelyn H.

Great Staff and Friendly Environment

Great staff and friendly environment. Maegan is always willing to answer questions and we never feel rushed while we’re there!

˜Robert W.

Very Knowledgeable

My son has had stomach issues since his tongue and lip tie surgery. The doctor was able to work on him and within that week, he started to finally regulate. It was amazing. Dr. Maegan is very knowledgeable and makes me feel confident as a mom.

˜George S.

Gave Me My Life Back!

Dr. Maegan gave me my life back! Went in barely walking and after one visit I was able to move better. After 3 visits I’m walking with no pain and extremely happy! Dr. Maegan has genuine compassion for her patients and listens closely to your concerns. She truly cares about her patients and their well being!*

˜Linda B.

Great Experience

I had a great experience! The adjustments helped me with my pain in my shoulder and back. I look forward to my next appointment with Dr Maegan.

˜Robert F.

A Magic Touch

Dr. has a magic touch when aligning … I had been going to another chiropractor for months and alignment feels completely different.
˜Mariajose P.

Took Time To Listen

I wish I could explain how amazing this office and chiropractor are. I felt like she really took time to listen to my issues and pain and give an explanation of the adjustments and process. I am excited to continue to work with this office.

˜Marc J.

Full of Information

Dr. Istok is just the absolute sweetest! You can see how passionate she is about her job, so full of information and she explains everything in such a kind caring manner!! I will definitely definitely be back!

˜Brooke W.


Dr. Maegan was extremely professional and thorough when she discussed with me what my needs were, and how chiropractic care could adequately facilitate my healing. She is always cheerful and welcoming as well as encouraging on each visit.

˜Annabel H.

Thank You So Much

I have been suffering from TMJ for 7 years. I can count on one hand how many days over this time that I have not had a headache. I have ear pain, neck pain, and most of all chronic headaches. I have tried everything; braces to get my bite lined up, jaw surgery, tube in my ear, and botox injections.

It is hard to not give up and I have thought that I should just give up and except that I would be in pain every day for the rest of my life. Maegan actually understands what I have been going through because she has experienced it first-hand. She knows what to do to help. I am not perfect yet but I actually have hope. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

˜Jeremy Lyczewski

Truly Grateful

I want you to know how truly grateful I am for the care you’ve given me the past 6 months. This was the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt like I was making any progress and that my pain didn’t have to be chronic.



You are a wonderful, skilled doctor, and the most kind hearted, caring person! It was nice to have met you. I can’t thank you enough for the care you have given me and my daughter.



Dr. Istok was treating Shannon for Torticollis from the time she was an infant until she was 3 years old. You can see the amazing difference that chiropractic care made with Shannon.

Personable, Professional & Kind

The time taken with me on my first visit was awesome. It was great understanding the why behind the approach. Not only were all staff personable, professional and kind- they were just fun to be around too! The office was clean and inviting as well. I feel confident this is the right place for me.


Torticollis patient
6 months old
3 years old

Thanks again for all your work, your kindness and caring for Shannon it means more than I can say!

˜ Allison