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Patient Testimonials

I LOVE Dr. Maegan!

I LOVE Dr Maegan!! She has been so helpful in our breastfeeding journey!!

~Christina R.

A Magic Touch

Dr. has a magic touch when aligning … I had been going to another chiropractor for months and alignment feels completely different.
~Mariajose P.

Took Time To Listen

I wish I could explain how amazing this office and chiropractor are. I felt like she really took time to listen to my issues and pain and give an explanation of the adjustments and process. I am excited to continue to work with this office.

~Marc J.

Fantastic Experience

 Wonderful experience!

~Ashley C.

Can’t Wait to go Back

Loved it so much!!! Can’t wait to go back!

~Mackenzie A.

Wonderful Experience

 Warm and inviting environment with caring and professional staff. Thank you for a wonderful first experience!

~Ramona J.

Full of Information

Dr. Istok is just the absolute sweetest! You can see how passionate she is about her job, so full of information and she explains everything in such a kind caring manner!! I will definitely definitely be back!

~Brooke W.

Looking Forward

So looking forward to getting the help I need to be more mobile.

~Sabrina N.

Extremely Impressed

I have seen many chiropractors over past 20 years. I am extremely impressed and confident with Dr. Maegan!

~Angela M.

Extremely Helpful

Very professional! Extremely helpful with adjustments and recommended exercises.

~Craig H.

Worked A Miracle On My Back!

My first visit was very enjoyable and Dr. Istok made me feel very comfortable. This lady worked a miracle on my back! I will definitely be returning.

~Brittany S.

Health Has Truly Improved

Dr. Istok’s level of care expressed towards her patients is stellar! She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything so clearly to me. I enjoy each visit that I make to her office and am grateful to have found her. My back, my spirit, and my overall health has truly improved.

~Debbie F.

Care Is Exceptional

Great experience and knowledge by Dr. Istok made me feel comfortable and her commitment and quality of care is exceptional.

~Chris W.

Great Experience

I had a great experience! The adjustments helped me with my pain in my shoulder and back. I look forward to my next appointment with Dr Maegan.

~Robert F.

The Best

We love Dr. Maegan, shes the best chiropractor we’ve been to!

~Kaci C.


Dr. Istock has been great to work with and I feel so much better after her treatment.

~Alice W.


Dr. Maegan was extremely professional and thorough when she discussed with me what my needs were, and how chiropractic care could adequately facilitate my healing. She is always cheerful and welcoming as well as encouraging on each visit.

~Annabel H.

Thank You So Much

I have been suffering from TMJ for 7 years. I can count on one hand how many days over this time that I have not had a headache. I have ear pain, neck pain, and most of all chronic headaches. I have tried everything; braces to get my bite lined up, jaw surgery, tube in my ear, and botox injections.

It is hard to not give up and I have thought that I should just give up and except that I would be in pain every day for the rest of my life. Maegan actually understands what I have been going through because she has experienced it first-hand. She knows what to do to help. I am not perfect yet but I actually have hope. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

~Jeremy Lyczewski

Truly Grateful

I want you to know how truly grateful I am for the care you’ve given me the past 6 months. This was the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt like I was making any progress and that my pain didn’t have to be chronic.



You are a wonderful, skilled doctor, and the most kind hearted, caring person! It was nice to have met you. I can’t thank you enough for the care you have given me and my daughter.



Dr. Istok was treating Shannon for Torticollis from the time she was an infant until she was 3 years old.  You can see the amazing difference that chiropractic care made with Shannon.

Torticollis patient
6 months old
3 years old

Thanks again for all your work, your kindness and caring for Shannon it means more than I can say!

~ Allison

Feel So Much Better

Lynn was a nutrition patient of Dr. Istok’s. She wrote about her experience in her daily prayer journal. Through Dr. Istok’s guidance she began to feel so much better and saw changes in her daily life.

Abba, my Heavenly Father, you are so good to me and I know you want only the best for me. I thank you for Dr. Maegan. You are an awesome God! I did not miss the fact that you put her there right before I needed her. And I know you chose her for me because she is the only one there who could have helped me gain my health back the way she has. I praise you for the mind you have given her and the passion for helping people regain their health by knowing how to eat. Seems simple but for me it wasn’t clear at all.

Abba, I feel so much better and with each day I see little changes that shows me that things are continuing to improve. I am no longer tired just getting out of bed. I have energy to finish the day. I am swimming and biking longer. My walking is improving. It is all so wonderful! Thank you Jesus for Dr. Maegan being in my life. She is precious to me and I know she is even more precious to you. You created her and I think she is one of your blessings to me.

~ Lynn