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Nutrition & Diet

You are more than just your spine!

femail portrait made out of healthy foodDr. Maegan looks at the big picture because what you are eating as well as your lifestyle has a lot to do with how successful the outcome of our work together will be. Food can literally cause and remove disease processes in our bodies.

Dr. Maegan believes that we were given everything on earth to keep ourselves healthy in every way, we just need to utilize what we have been given in the proper manor. That being said, she believes that nutrition plays a huge role in our health. Food is one of the main reasons why pain persists and why progress is slowed.

Dr. Maegan has found that an anti-inflammatory diet is a great addition to the adjustments she provides to not only get rid of a patient’s pain but truly help them achieve their goal of wellness. She incorporates nutritional protocols at a variety of levels for patients who are truly interested in making changes in their life to achieve a wellness lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more, ask Dr. Maegan on your appointment.