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Get Well Be Well welcomes you

We don’t just want you to FEEL well; we want you to BE well. Wellness occurs when your body functions optimally. Just because the pain is gone doesn’t mean you’re functioning at maximum capacity. We want to help with both pain relief and wellness.

Working Together as a Team

Long-term health is a combination of our efforts and yours. We want you to be well so we do our best to give
you the tools that help you make lifestyle changes last.

Chiropractic Care That Treats More Than Pain

Everyone knows that chiropractic care is great for relieving neck and back pain. But it also works
wonders for functional problems like digestive ailments, migraines, allergies and more.

Why Do I Love Being A Chiropractor?

“I love being a chiropractor because chiropractic gives me the ability to relieve pain
and improve a person’s quality of life.” Patients who have suffered chronic pain
are so appreciative when they can once again participate in daily activities.

Call Get Well Be Well to find out if we’ve treated other patients with your condition.

Dr. Maegan Istok
Serving the Gilbert, Gilbert and Chandler communities