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Pediatric Chiropractic at Get Well Be Well

adjusting child with toolPediatric chiropractic care has the same goals as chiropractic care for adults—better overall health and function through a better functioning nervous system. But we achieve those goals through a more creative and gentle approach.

At Get Well Be Well, we are focused on providing infants and children with the best chiropractic care possible. We can adjust an infant as we walk them around the room and sing to them. We’ll get on the floor and play with toddlers as we adjust them. We can adjust babies and older kids in their parents’ laps.

Everything we do is designed to help kids feel safe and comfortable here, from having a well-stocked playroom, to allowing kids to call the shots—we’ll never force an adjustment!

What to Expect

At your child’s first visit, we’ll talk with you about your pregnancy and delivery, as this information can help us understand what’s going on with your child’s range of motion and overall function. We’ll talk to you about how nursing is going. We’ll assess your child and make any spinal adjustments. These are very different from how adults are adjusted. Often we’ll just use a sustained touch—babies frequently sleep right through our gentle adjustments.

adjusting infants neck

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Kids?

Being born is one of the most traumatic events most of us ever go through, and your baby’s delicate vertebrae can be misaligned or stuck from day one. By assessing and correcting these misalignments through safe, gentle adjustments, your baby’s nervous system can function better, so they can experience life with more ease and less discomfort. We can also help by letting you know when a condition needs to be addressed by another type of doctor.

Some of the common benefits of pediatric chiropractic care include:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Better latching
  • Less constipation
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Better sleep
  • Overall decrease in bodily tension

We Love Making Babies Happy!

We saw a baby recently who was constantly stiff and rigid, a very uncomfortable and unhappy little guy. By his third adjustment, he was wiggly, comfortable and would snuggle up with anybody.

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