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About Get Well Be Well

chiropractic adjusting tableEveryone knows that chiropractic care is great for relieving neck and back pain. It also works wonders for functional problems like asthma and digestive ailments as well. Because Dr. Maegan Istok has worked in a variety of chiropractic offices, she has benefited from observing other chiropractors and learning different styles of adjusting. “That makes me very versatile in what I can do.”

A Goal to Help You

Dr. Istok explains, “My goal with each patient is to remove the subluxations in their spine and restore the natural healing ability of the body.”

Physical, chemical and emotional stress can all cause subluxations, so it’s important to address the mind-body connection, nutrition and look at the spine as a whole. Some of the techniques we use to help achieve this are:

  • Webster
  • Full body vibration plate

At-Home Tools

In addition to what you experience at the office, you’ll also receive tools to make the lifestyle change last. Some of those tools include:

  • Postural advice: you need to have the right form in order to have the right function
  • Nutritional advice: an anti-inflammatory diet combined with adjustments is a powerful combination with longer-lasting benefits
  • Physical therapy: retraining muscles to ensure the pain does not recur

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